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Who is this course for?  Does any of this apply to you? Do you feel stymied and intimidated by other people's language skills in open discourse and public debate... Would you like to be empowered to make your case and maybe even win your point no matter who you are up against? Are you a person who feels safest in the virtual world because you haven't got 'the verbals'... And yet you would love to interact freely, readily, responsively with others by means of language? Would you love to join the national discussion and debate but lack the confidence to make your voice heard and cannot find the means to give weight to your words... Do others always seem to rule the agenda and take the lead? Are you at school, perhaps, and you cannot seem to make any headway with your teachers: understanding them properly and finding an acceptable answer when they are on your case, writing and speaking well for assignment purposes and to satisfy the academic requirements, justifying and explaining your point of view or your actions effectively enough to win their praise or at least deflect their critique. Are you a university student struggling with the demands of the system and in particular the challenges of meeting logical, coherent, cogent and persuasive language requirements... Do you feel you could improve the quality of your essays, your presentations, your performance in seminars, tutorials and other discussions? Are you looking to impress the job interview panel... Do you need to shine and stand out amongst all the other applicants? Are you looking for professional development and need to 'up your game' in terms of clarity, credibility, authority and inclusiveness... And how are you going to do this with language? Are you a lawyer, a politician, a broadcaster, a bureaucrat, a businesman in need of the highest level of person-to-person language skill in order to convince and persuade with elegance, with dignity and above all with congenial acceptibility in the face of vested interest and power, or when dealing with unruly, perhaps even impassioned contrary opinion?
How long is the course? 
If any of these apply to you, The Oxford Mind is a set of skills which will really make a difference for you and cannot fail to help you succeed in your goals whether social, academic or professional. We can even tailor the content to fit your needs like a glove. In any case, this set of skills includes everything you need to know... and everything you need to know can be mastered in 10-15 hours provided you have sufficient basic English. What is progress, after all, but the arrival of new, equal opportunities to gain access to and make your own what was formerly mysterious, complex, reserved for the powerful and for the initiated lucky few... and almost impossible to acquire for oneself- until now?
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