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The toff with the mop [Dubbins, below] has revealed his messianic self-regard in comparing himself and his fellow toffs-with-snouts-deep-in-the-trough to the Baby Jesus.. to whom the compassionate, inclusive, wealth-distributing and justice-for-all availing Nicola Sturgeon is his imaginary sword-wielding, baby-killing Herod. It says it all.. and is a perfect example of how the greedy predators who own and run Farm UK will not hesitate to turn every truth upside down and indeed crucify it in order to befuddle the population and keep them distracted and under-educated while the baby-faced, prattlesome yet predatory establishment engorges itself at the nation's breast. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of those on food bank life-lines are kept at a distance by master's egregiously pusillanimous police force. Yuk. Time for a change. And welcome to England.
SNP in government 'like putting King Herod in charge of baby farm'
G√ľnter Grass, Nobel-winning German novelist, dies aged 87 Adieu, Guenter Grass. And as you leave us, I ask: where are the English writers with balls? And I hear a whisper from the hedgerows in all our fabled shires 'We're deferring to the Establishment, or writing for kids'. Ah, yes.. lest we forget- Silence is golden in England. Only we've got no gold.
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