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£4.79 Amazon Kindle 'An amazing book from a superior mind. Loved every word. A new book by a great author, it should not be missed.'
Blurb For privileged party faithful like Irena P. and Mstivlav Dimitriev, it’s sink or swim when the Soviet Union starts falling apart. If they don’t get smart they’ll be out on the street and there will be a reckoning. So Irena and Stiv are looking for a scam.. And when they come across the tomb of authors, an archive of manuscripts of purged Russian writers, they are quick to hatch their plan. And for Stiv, the place to start is England.
But first he must convince the West of his bona fides. And there are ghosts to be laid in every manuscript, victims from the past who can batten on – best shred or burn such writings. But manuscripts, someone famously said, don’t burn, and there’s something ..well, something knowing in the way things tend to happen. Maybe it’s just a question of electron spin; or it might just be the same old Fates who brought poor Oedipus down.
Either way, when regimes too heavily enforce the lie, there will be monsters brought into being. And in the English Lake District, where Dimitriev is making a self-promotional film, a political monster for our time is born. Set in the period of the August Putsch of 1991 Robert Lipscombe’s second novel explores ’isms and ’ologies and offers a take on the emergence of gangsterism in New Russia. The book’s cast of characters includes Hindu-type worshippers of Babaji; Larry, dancer of iconic roles; Stalin’s depraved secret policeman, Beria; a former wunderkind writer of sex novels turned would-be holy man; a Bradford millionaire with the unusual moniker ‘The Bradford Jesus’; a saintly but damaged Russian matron; three New Age women who inhabit a Victorian vicarage and not least of all - Sergei Leontov of the KGB, now reforming and looking for a new way of life.
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