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Welcome to this website. The true business of writing is certainly to entertain but also to make good the protestant tradition of challenging power; to confront its abuses so that societies may evolve; to challenge ignorance, superstition and inhumanity; to raise the spirit of man to achieve our highest potential and meet our communal destiny; to enable human beings to think themselves free of the ideologies of their masters and to laugh dictators to their doom. Writing doesn't get more real.
Robert Lipscombe was born in Mtwara, Tanzania. He studied first at Cambridge and then at Oxford and latterly at King's College, London. He believes his expertise lies in creative writing (its theory and practice) and logical literacy − the dark art of clear thinking and lucid exposition. He lives in Oxford with his family. Email: rgl100 at hotmail dot com
Listen to BBC Radio Oxford interview Other conscious influences ...Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Cordwainer Smith, Shakespeare, poets like Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Andrew Marvell, Gerard Manly Hopkins, John Donne, Robert Lowell, Robert Frost. Add to these the best work of Theodore Sturgeon, Roger Zelazny, Samuel R. Delany and, yes, Asimov and Heinlein. Add John Fowles for The Magus, ... Robert Lipscombe for The Salamander Tree...' http://www.terrydowling.com/?id=biography  http://awriterhemuttered.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/writing-gurus-meet-robert-lipscombe.html 'To my friend Robert, a great English writer. Without your help this book couldn't have been written. I really don't have words to thank you for the tremendous amount of work you invested in Out of Romania. I'll always be proud to say that you are the co-author of it.' September '94, personal dedication inside Out out of Romania 'I am also grateful to my friend Robert Lipscombe who worked hard on my manuscript and lifted my spirits whenever I felt down.' Acknowledgements, Out of Romania
'And I should make one thing extremely clear: nobody talks about writing like Mr. Lispcombe. And nobody writes about writing in quite such a considered, layered, compulsive and insightful manner. ...But I think any writer worth their salt should read his meditations on writing. Robert has written a number of novels, and every one is filled to the brim with incredible prose and dazzling ideas. You can check out The Salamander Tree here, which is available only in secondhand shops at the moment, and is absolutely breathtaking. Robert's latest is called The English Project, ...I can confirm that I've read it and it's an exceptional book about loss, discovery, life, death, afterlife, redemption and England, and contains possibly the most original depiction of Hell that I've ever come across...Robert has taught English and Creative Writing for many years, and I think he can legitimately be called a writing guru.' http://broadconversation.com/2014/02/11/the-english-project-by-robert-lipscombe/ 'We applaud Robert Lipscombe for his bravery, ingenuity and passion for publishing his most recent novel as a newspaper and we thank him for taking the time to write this fascinating piece for Broad Conversation.' '...author of the incredible newspaper novel The English Project - a courageous and attention-grabbing political novel about the state of the nation and our moral universe.'
'This is an amazing, yet challenging book, for mind, spirit, imagination and vocabulary! I am convinced Robert Lipscombe is one of the greatest writers of our time. Not for the intellectually lazy, I warn you!' (About The English Project) The English Project, review 'I need to take a breath, this is such an amazing book I run the risk of gushing praise. Not an easy read, it challenges the reader on so many levels, but worth the effort. One of those books that come in each generation that should not be missed. If you loved his The Salamander Tree you will adore this.' The English Project review, www.amazon.co.uk 'I don't think there can be many novelists who are more emotionally and intellectually focussed, have as fierce and consistent a moral outlook, possess a greater ability to handle big themes and demonstrate the eloquence to do them justice as Robert Lipscombe. Hailed at the outset of his writing career as an outstanding new novelist whose first novel was compared with John Fowles and The Magus, his subsequent career has illustrated perfectly the plight of the writer who dares to attempt more than his publishers are prepared to allow.... The books are not for skimming. Lipscombe can work at rarefied levels. But you must persevere. You'll be made to think. But you'll also be well rewarded. Very soon you'll find yourself swept along by his depiction of memorable characters, profound and urgent themes, a unique, resonant style and, underlying everything, fierce sincerity and clear, unclouded intellect.' http://authorselectricreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/the-novels-of-robert-lipscombe-reviewed.html 'I enormously enjoyed reading A Tree For Salamander and feel very excited about the book's potential. It is the most ambitious, richly imaginative and compelling first novel I have read in years and I would be delighted to act as your agent for it. There are parts of the book which I think are quite superbly written and show without doubt that you are a writer of natural and exceptional talent.' 'I feel that the book has the potential to be a big international seller.' 'Warm congratulations on a very major achievement!' letter from Caradoc King, AP Watt Ltd to Robert Lipscombe in regards to The Salamander Tree; Robert Lipscombe's archive 'As you know, I am hugely excited about this novel. It is quite marvellously written, and is a major work of the imagination. However, an even more important point to me is that it possesses a vision and world-perspective which very few contemporary English novelists have. Here is an Englishman having the ambition to set down a novel, the scope and breadth of which demands comparisons with Eco, Grass and Marquez.' 'As for publication, I would be keen to publish [...], with a major push as the launch of a writer of world-class stature and vision.' 'Finally, I would like to say that it was a great honour to be able to read this - my hat is off to you for finding an author of this potential.' excerpts from the letter from Hamish Hamilton to Caradoc King in regards to The Salamander Tree novel; Robert Lipscombe's archive 'A talent to watch.'
caradoc king formerly a literary agent for AP Watt, currently United Agents
Peter Straus formerly Senior Editor at Hamish Hamilton, currently a literary agent at Rogers, Coleridge & White
Blackwell's Bookshop, Oxford THE TELEGRAPH
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